Learning with Pinterest – Birds

Since spring is finally here, we decided to learn all about birds this week in school.  Luckily, our library had lots of books about birds to choose from and of course Pinterest was loaded with great ideas. Here are some of the bird books that we read this past week, as well as, some that… Continue reading Learning with Pinterest – Birds

Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Having a low spend week I made sure to buy all of my Easter basket supplies last week, so I should be able to stay away from the stores this week. 2. Spring cleaning This week I plan on decluttering and organizing all of our closets and cabinets.  I love to do this throughout… Continue reading Five Frugal Things

Family Fun

Six ways that you can make exercise fun for kids

1. Create Running Challenges My children have always loved to play at the local playgrounds and that is a really wonderful way to get exercise, but I like to maximize this exercise outing by requiring that we walk/run a one-mile lap around the park before they get to play.  When my son starts to whine… Continue reading Six ways that you can make exercise fun for kids