Blessings This Week

1. A Family of Faith Program

family of faith

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our church was trying a new Sunday School program this year called A Family of Faith.  We had our first parent’s meeting this week and were blessed to have five nuns come to kick it off (They were in full habits and everything, so that is something we do not see very often)  One of the nuns shared that her family’s religious traditions at home greatly inspired her to choose her vocation early in life and also led her brother to enter the priesthood after he graduated from college.  It is very unusual to have a nun and a priest in one family, so that was really inspiring to hear.  One of the ways families are encouraged to grow their faith at home is to have the children join in praying the rosary.  I felt that we could incorporate this into our homeschool day very easily and so far it has been going very well. **Of course Ben gets to color as we pray the rosary, but he joins in with the Hail Marys, so I am sure he is listening as well.

2. Cool Weather

While it will not last, we have had two very nice fall-ish days lately.  We turned off the air conditioning (that has been running since May!) and opened the windows to enjoy the nice cool breeze.  As Ben says, “You can just smell Fall in the air”.

3. Acting Class and Co-op

For the last few years, my daughter has attended an acting class at a local church that teaches improv and audition skills.  The best thing about the class is that it has inspired her to do community theater(which she loves!) and encourages public speaking (which we all need).  This year, she talked my son into trying it out and he loves it!  This was a great blessing for me, because I have worried about finding him an extracurricular activity that he would enjoy and have the right temperament for.  So I guess I have two little actors in the making:)

Our homeschool co-op also has started back up again for the school year, so my children were very excited to see all of their friends.  I am so thankful for these co-op classes because they are usually taught by very qualified individuals like local authors, former teachers, or other great homeschooling veterans.

**In case you are interested to know what kind of classes are usually offered at homeschool co-ops, here are the classes my kids are in:  My daughter(14 years old) will be taking Writing from Research, Drama, and Sign language.  My son(6 years old) will be taking Building with Legos, Hands on Science, and Mixed Media Art.  I usually require them to take one educational class (which they call the boring one!) and two fun electives.


How were you blessed this week??




Blessings this Week

1. A Family of Faith

For the past two years, I have taught Sunday school classes at my church, which have not always been all rainbows and lollipops for me (apparently I am not stern enough??) Well this summer, I have been wavering back and forth on my decision about whether or not to teach this upcoming fall.  Thankfully, the decision was taken away from me in such a wonderful way….which was a great blessing!

Apparently our parish has decided to do the Family of Faith program this year instead of our traditional Sunday school classes.  I did a little research into this program and it looks really fun.  Basically, the parents are the teachers and receive homework once a month that their families must do together.  Then later in the month, all the families get together for fun activities to reinforce the monthly lessons we have learned.  This is a new trend in the Catholic Church, which will hopefully strengthen the family unit and help the children to get a more well rounded Catholic education in the comforts of their own home.

2. Healthy Children

Sadly, many people I know have been having a lot of medical issues lately.  Whenever, I hear about sick children in particular, I always remind myself to feel blessed for my healthy children. Good health is a wonderful blessing that we all take for granted, especially in loved ones.  Being more thankful for my healthy children also helps me to look past all of their annoying habits/behaviors and simply be thankful that they are still here with me, while acknowledging that so many families do not have that luxury.

3. A Wonderful Extended Family

I know not everyone is lucky enough to have a close or even healthy relationship with their extended families, so it makes me feel even more blessed to acknowledge that I do.  It is such a blessing to know that I can count on someone to give my daughter a ride to various activities, borrow random ingredients that I somehow forgot to add to my grocery list, or even to simply have someone willing to listen to my worries/concerns (which are always abundant) whenever I need to talk to about them.  My family is one of my greatest blessings and I hope they will always know how much I love and appreciate them, even if I forget to tell them from time to time.

How were you blessed this week??



Blessings This Week

1. Swim class

My youngest is a very reluctant swimmer (unless he can use his floaties) so I enrolled him in swim class to help move his progress along.  Much to my surprise, the swim instructor believes in the principle of full immersion as the best way to learn how to swim. So on his very first class they had to swim out to the deep end (using a pool noodle) and jump off of the diving board!  She also expected them to retrieve swim rings off of the floor of the shallow end.  Needless to say, Ben said she was trying to kill him and he almost drowned twice:)  **He is very melodramatic

The blessing in this story is that I do not have to teach him to swim!  My kids know how to push all of my mothering buttons and exactly what to say to get me to cave in, so luckily this swim instructor is immune to his persuasiveness.

Evidence:  His instructor got him to jump off of the side of the pool during his first class (He totally refuses to do it for me)  He also let the swim instructor dunk him underwater THREE times to show him it was ok if his face got wet (it was a total no go when I tried it)

A total blessing and worth every penny:)

2. Surprise Tax return

I know I mentioned this in my Five Frugal Things, but I count this as a huge blessing for my family.

This week, I received a notice from the IRS informing me that I would be receiving a check in the mail due to an error (totally my fault) on my 2017 tax return.  At first I was skeptical and thought no way could I have made such a huge mistake, but upon further inspection, I realized that I somehow came up with an outrageously high number for the tax we owed for the year.  (I still cannot think of how I came up with that number because it is not even on any of the tax tables…believe me I checked!)  But thankfully the wonderful accountants at the IRS caught a huge mistake and I received back the money I paid the government plus the amount they owed me AND $20 of interest since they kept my money for a few months (which I feel bad for accepting because it was totally my fault!)

3. Totus Tuus

This week my daughter was blessed with attending Totus Tuus at our church.  Basically it is a VBS for Catholic teens and involves testimonies, adoration (sitting in the presence of the Eucharist), Confession, and tons of fun games.  Emma really enjoyed this event because most years our church only offers VBS to elementary-aged kids and overlooks the teens.  This year, she got to listen to two monks, three missionaries, and one seminarian that shared with the group their personal faith stories, which included one particularly moving immigration story that brought her to tears.  We are blessed to live in America.

What blessings did you receive this week?


Blessings This Week

1. Lots of quiet time

My children have been visiting their grandparents for the past week (and while I do miss them) it is so nice to get projects done and spend lots of quality time alone with my husband.  I have mostly been decluttering and finishing up our homeschool preparation for the upcoming year this week, so that is a weight off of my shoulders, in more ways than one.  **Isn’t it amazing that when the children are gone the house does not get messy within 10 minutes of picking it up??? Love you Emma and Ben!

2. Flies, Flies, Flies

We have been swarmed with flies lately in our home.  While we do have the occasional fly problem, this one has been in almost biblical plague proportions (I might be exaggerating a little)  However, I noticed that we had a ton of flies around our grill outside yesterday…well lo and behold…those little devils have been laying their eggs in the drippings….soooo disgusting! Every time we opened the door to let our dog out, they must have been coming in.  My husband helped me to clean out the pan and we spread salt around to hopefully kill off any residual eggs. Yuck! So hopefully that fixed the issue and it will be a blessing to me in the coming week:)

3. Blueberries

Did I mention that my blueberries are finally ripening?? Well they are.  I love blueberry season and having a bush in my very own yard is a wonderful blessing to me and my family.  **We are blessed also to have a lot of busy bees that love to pollinate our bush each year


Blessings This Week

Here are some blessings that I received this week:

1. Raincheck

I missed out on a great deal on ice cream sandwiches last week at Kroger because they sold out quickly during their 4 day sale promotion.  While I was checking out at Kroger last week, I was chatting with one of my favorite cashiers and I told her about how bummed I was to miss out on that deal.  She quickly looked up at me and smiled, then proceeded to write me a raincheck (plus one for my mom) so I could get the ice cream sandwiches the next time I came in.  I guess it pays to be nice and friendly to store employees:)

2. Missing books

My daughter was mentioning last week, that she was missing a book in a series and hoped to find it used somewhere.  While shopping at the thrift store this week, we happened to find a copy (but it was not in great condition) so we decided to wait.  Imagine our surprise when we found it the next day in the library’s used book room, in perfect condition! ** I also had been trying to remember the name of a book that I had read a long time ago and was surprised to find it there as well. This was more of a coincidence but still a blessing in my book.

3. Play dates

When you homeschool, sometimes its hard to meet up with kids your own age during the summertime (especially if you are not blessed to have neighbors your own age)  I always feel very blessed whenever my children can play with other kids.  So I am feeling doubly blessed this week, because both of my children have days that they will get to “play” with other children.  **The quotation marks are for Emma, because I do not know if going kayaking counts as play in a teenager’s book:)

How were you blessed this week??


Blessings this Week

With so many ugly things going on in the world and the news, I think it is important for our mental health to recognize all of the wonderful things that are present in our life.  Here are some of the blessings that I received this week:

1. Avoided storm damage to our property

We had a really strong windstorm on Tuesday night and it knocked a tree over in front of our house (it actually opened our mailbox with its branches!)  Since we live in a no-outlet street, the road was blocked for seven families and the power lines/phone lines were completely knocked down.  **Our phone lines are still down but the power came back on in the late afternoon…not having Wi-Fi is a challenge for 6 year olds!!

We were very lucky that was the only tree that fell, because we have many trees that lean into our yard and could have easily caused a lot of damage. So I am very thankful that did not happen and that the tree fell into the street and not onto my neighbor’s house or car. **She actually had a large tree to fall on both of her cars a few months ago…so she is a little rattled.

2. Hot coffee and a warm breakfast make things all better

When we woke up after the storm the next morning to no power or Wi-Fi, everyone was a little grumpy to say the least.  Luckily, I remembered that our gas grill had a small cook stove feature that allowed me to boil water for coffee and to cook a hot breakfast in a skillet…so that was wonderful:)

3. No Wi-Fi = Lots of downtime

Without a blog to work on or Facebook to look at (again and again) I actually got a lot accomplished.  I completely cleaned out my son’s room, reorganized my closet, and cleaned/decluttered my bedroom so that felt really good.  My daughter and husband also had a lot of time to read and talk without the distractions of the internet to sidetrack them.  My little boy had the hardest time, but he survived and actually ended up playing with toys he had not used in a very long while…first world problems….sigh….

**I am always amazed at how an uncomfortable situation can quickly become a learning experience or even create blessings in your day (as long as you can keep a good attitude and a sense of humor about it!)

How were you blessed this week??


Blessings This Week

It is so easy to get caught up in the ugliness of the world or even just the blah-ness of everyday life, that we tend to overlook the beautiful things.  So I decided to share some of the blessings that I have received this past week that sparked some joy into my life:

1. Walks outside with my husband

We have been having cold and rainy weather a lot lately, but yesterday was sunny and not too cool, so I enjoyed a walk with my husband at our local park.  This is one way my husband shows he cares for me because I love walking outside but hate going by myself (I blame the Walking Dead!)

**I will walk by myself at a real park with people walking around, but our local park’s walking trails go through the woods and I have an overactive imagination!

2. Farm fresh eggs

My father’s chickens have been laying like crazy due to the longer daylight, so we have been enjoying them quite often.  I love the fresh eggs because the yolks are almost orange and have a nice buttery taste (at least to me).

3. Giggling children

I love my children, but I can do without the constant whining.  One day this week, instead of asking them to simply play together, I told them to dance to five songs and then play Hotwheel cars for 15 minutes, while I took a walk with my husband.  There was whining before I left, but when we returned they were smiling and being nice to each other so I guess enforced playtime is a good thing:)

**My daughter is much older than my son and doesn’t always want to play with him, but she is a good sport about it mostly (after a lecture on kindness and the importance of doing things we do not always want to do) Thank you Emma!



Blessings this week

It is so easy to get caught up in the ugliness of the world or even just the blah-ness of life, that we tend to overlook the beautiful things in life.  So I decided to share some of the blessings that I have received this past week that sparked some joy into my life:

1. Essential oils roller ball dispensers

6, Cobalt Blue, 10 ml Glass Roll-on Bottles with Stainless Steel Roller Balls - .5 ml Dropper Included

My wonderful mother-in-law sent me a package for my birthday next week and I was very happy to receive these nifty oil dispensers.  I have been using small jars to store my mixed oils in and it gets extremely messy!  While I am trying to not buy anything new this year, I am not above asking for certain desirable items as gifts:)

2. Ministry Fair

I helped to put on a ministry fair at my church this past weekend and received many blessings from this event.

I was blessed to meet so many wonderful people, who wanted to become more involved with our parish.

I also was inspired to sign up for additional ministries myself.  The first one to catch my eye (and my heart) was a signup sheet for attending Adoration on a weekly basis (The Adoration is where the Eucharist is exposed and people can signup to sit with Christ for an hour at a time.  Our Church offers Adoration for a continuous 24 hr period once a week)

Another one that I signed up for was an outreach ministry that goes to community events and spreads information about the Catholic faith.  **I signed my daughter up for this one as well, because she loves meeting new people.

**One that looked really interesting was the prison ministry…but I don’t think I am ready for that one yet:)

3. Thoughtful Children

This past week my children have surprised me with their kind thoughts towards others.

After we said our bedtime prayers, Ben very worriedly told me we forgot to pray for one of our friends who is going through a trying time right now.  So we quickly prayed for them and he said, “I feel better now!”.

My beautiful daughter Emma agreed to go with my mom to visit a homebound lady from our church on a regular basis, helped to set up the ministry fair tables, and also did all of her daily chores with out being reminded.  Thank you Emma!

Life is filled with so many beautiful blessings if we stop to notice them!

What blessings did you encounter this week?