Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Blueberries Aldi had a great deal on blueberries, $1.79 per pint, so I picked up five to add to my freezer stash. **These low carb blueberry pancakes are delicious! 2. Thrift Store Finds This week everything I found was for Ben. He picked out a new pair of swim trunks for $3 and four… Continue reading Five Frugal Things

Aldi Challenge

Aldi Challenge Week 2

**This month I am challenging myself to shop primarily at Aldi, in order to see if it can help reign in my ever-expanding monthly grocery budget.  The rules are that I can only spend $300 at Aldi for the month of July and $50 at other stores (Aldi does not carry everything I need, so… Continue reading Aldi Challenge Week 2