Frugal Accomplishments

Five Frugal Things

1. Made birthday "cake" at home My daughter had a birthday this past week and we decided to forego the traditional cake and made Carmelitas (think oatmeal cookies stuffed with caramel and chocolate) and brownies instead.  **Considering she usually asks for a Great American Cookie cake, I count this as frugal:) 2. Birthday gifts I… Continue reading Five Frugal Things


Weekly Goal Update for Week 24

1. Walk 500 miles this year (220 down and 280 to go) I walked all of my miles outside this week.  My strategy for walking in the summertime (in Alabama humidity) is to go early or late and so far it is working out well:) 2. Eat less than 40 net carbs each day (4… Continue reading Weekly Goal Update for Week 24